Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cardboard Box Furniture

Ever since I moved south when my mom got sick, I have always liked boxes. All my stuff was in a cardboard box but I could also use the box as a table. You can leave the stuff in the box or empty it out. Now I have decluttered all the stuff out of the boxes and now just use the boxes as tables and its great cus I can just throw the cardboard box away when I move. Never have to go through the hassle of getting rid of a dresser or large table etc. Just don't put hot stuff on the box. I stack some boxes and put shoes in them. I don't stack em too high. Cardboard boxes are usually free. They are recyclable. They don't have to be assembled. I just had a friend take away my futon. I had to take it apart. That was a pain. Boxes are so much better.

I've thought about painting some of them white. I remember mom had cardboard storage boxes that were made to look like they were made of wood. I've also seen some with a brick pattern on them.

I use just regular boxes but here are some more fancy creative ways of turning a cardboard box into minimalist furniture. Not sure how comfortable some of it is.

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  1. Tables are not really needed - just use your lap.