Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Minimalists Entertainment

I remember the time I got rid of my tv. Yet another item I could carry. And item that would be difficult to get rid of once I moved. I never want to own anything I can't carry. Plus with the analog to digital tv wasn't useful for much...just DVDS and videos.

I could always watch the dvds on my laptop. And you can watch it full screen and in HD on a laptop!

So I finally got rid of my TV. I remember the next morning I was so relieved that it was gone. My living room was so much more spacious. I can go on my laptop at anytime and browse youtube or download movies or go to the library and borrow movies on dvd for free! How nice. How Zen. It also saved a bunch of my electricity bill.

Don't forget books can be found at your local library too...for free.

I also got rid of my radio. I can always listen to mp3s on my laptop. I also took all the cds I had and copied the mp3s to my laptop so I could donate the cds to Goodwill and listen to the songs on my laptop. An ipod is nice too but they need to be charged on a larger computer and not on a laptop. At least it didn't really work on my laptop.

So there. No radio, and no cds. So minimal. So Zen.

And you can always go on Youtube and listen to some tunes etc.

Video games can also be played on a laptop. It may not be exactly the same but I think it works.

Now for this laptop. I prefer Macs. They last long and don't have as many programming problems. I also got mine refurbished so it was cheaper. The only setback really is that its hard to watch porn on macs. Most porn sites have videos in Windows format. But there are some mac friendly porn sites. Just Google it.

More to Come!

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  1. Better use of tax money:

    Divert money intended for libraries towards providing everyone with a laptop computer.